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A Simple Six: Every Corner a Bus Stop

Monday, July 18, 2011

Every Corner a Bus Stop

My fear of new experiences without adult company is a compelling case for never wanting to leave my house. It takes a lot of thinking, talking about, researching, and eventually practicing something before I can commit to doing it. Such is the case with our local public busing. I have been thinking about this bus for five years. I have checked out the routes and fee schedules online. I have even followed a bus or two on routes I have wanted to take. My husband has ridden the bus. I recently met a family with one car and one parent who doesn't drive and they occasionally ride the bus. Still, I am incredibly concerned about the things that could go wrong.

How I Assuaged My Fears
I called the TTA today. I knew which bus I needed but I had no idea where to get on and how. I asked the gentleman a number of questions about the time the bus should arrive, how do I pay, are you sure it's only going to cost me $3, how do I tell the driver where I would like to get off, where do I purchase a pass and why would I need one? I wrote down everything he said. I was most concerned about the getting on the bus part because we must make it to tennis and I didn't want to be left on the side of the road looking foolish, which is how I am already starting to feel.

The gentleman told me they consider every corner the bus passes as a bus stop and they can't afford to put a sign at every corner. Armed with my notes, my research, my own doubts, we will be riding the bus tomorrow at 5:20pm. This will mean dinner at 4pm, packing up by 4:45 and heading out by 5:05. I will be thinking about this anticipated ride hence forth.

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