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A Simple Six: From Drizzle to Light Rain

Thursday, September 8, 2011

From Drizzle to Light Rain

We had a successful drizzly bike ride on Tuesday. Yesterday it was a steady rain and I decided to bike anyway. How else was I going to test the elements and prepare for year round car-free living?

 The trailer is a great napping location as well as warm and dry. When we get our new bike (in two weeks?), I will be keeping and using the trailer for such occasions.
 My perfectly grumpy gus had a disappointing experience at the end of her school day which impacted her attitude the entire way home. She never once complained about the rain. She's probably got the "Pacific Northwest Gene" that Brent and I have. We love the rain and the cloudy days, as long as we get some mix of occasional sun. Snow is also very much appreciated. Anything over 80 is dreaded.
Avery's new helmet. The boys are have been in "no pictures" mood lately, hence the many covered faces.

Everyday we stop at the blue mailbox on the corner of Woodland and Washington. We feel it's about 1/2 way home and after the tough uphill with stressful traffic on Norway, we are all ready for a snack. During those weeks of 80 to 100 degree days, this was the perfect place to stop in the shade and stretch in the grass. Turns out that on rainy days, those mature oaks are also nature's umbrella. The sidewalk was dry, the grass was just damp.

Rain Lessons
In preparing for the rain, I was most concerned about my glasses. I don't wear contacts and probably never will. I read a couple of forums online Monday and felt there were two basic options, Rain-X or a ball cap. I didn't have Rain-X, and the forums all suggest testing it first, for compatibility with your lens type. I slipped a ball cap on under my helmet and found it did the trick nicely. I still got misted, but my glasses stayed clear enough to see well.

Another lesson of biking in the rain; fenders are important. The children's backs were splashed with the muck of the sidewalks and roads. Brent reports of the unpleasant via-duct material (sewer, car and train muck?) that splashes up on him during his commute. My back tire was spitting mud on the trailer and consequently the children when I had the rain cover up. The new bike will have fenders, Brent's looking into getting some for his soon.

Miles Walked: 0 Biked: 33 Bused: 0 Drove: 16 This week
43.7 223.8 12.6 438.2 Since August 14, 2011

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