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A Simple Six: International Walk to School Day 2011 (and Local Press!)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

International Walk to School Day 2011 (and Local Press!)

Today is International Walk to School Day in the United States. We all biked to school this morning. We hadn't walked, bused or biked to school since the first week and it was a tremendous joy to go together. Following a four day weekend I set my alarm for 6AM to give us ample time for groggy children and preparations. Yet at 25 after 7 we were still searching for lights and gloves and stuffing lunches in backpacks. By 7:30 we were on our way up hill, in the 50 degree fog. We were all please to arrive before the bell.
The crew of bikes and 5 of 6 of us, all bundled and lit up.
Brent got the priviledge of the cargo bike this morning, and the company of two little boys. Notice our new cargo bags.
It looks worse than it was. We crossed on to Washington Blvd without incident.
Brent stayed to hear Elliot read the liturgy at Mass and I took Oliver home for a Birth to Three session.

Speaking of pleasing matters, Bryan Chambers wrote a wonderful piece in our local Herald-Dispatch from the interview we attended last week. The e-paper is subscription based, so we hope they don't mind us scanning and pasting it here. It's not a great scan (obvious?), as my techno-savvy husband is at the office, but he tells me if you click on it, you ought to be able to read it in full size, bur probably not on a smart-phone. If you are local, go grab a copy if you wish.

In closing for now, I know the blog has had some issues with comments, sorry. Please don't give up on me, I love hearing from you. Brent said to me last night that he's never seen me so excited about anything, after I got a comment from a regular reader on last night's post "Get on the sidewalk!!" If you are on Facebook, I opened A Simple Six page for us to stay connected and for me to speak my mind on short remarks and links that may not require a full post. We are in the process of moving the blog to it's own domain and getting fancy with CSS. In the mean time, I might have messed up the RSS feed, to which I am also sorry, but should have it all straightened out by the weekend. Hope you all hang in there with me.

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