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A Simple Six: Bringing Home Brent

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bringing Home Brent

We drove to pick up Brent Saturday night. A colleague of his from the Governor's School for the Arts gave him a ride to Charleston, about an hour from Huntington to the east. Knowing we were going to Charleston we accepted an invitation to a birthday party in Proctorville, Ohio that would start a couple hours before. I like to line up my trips to minimize mileage.

The party was for a classmate of Elliot's and was supposed to be at a pool, but it was storming. We went anyway. Who passes up cake? After presents, munchies and some light playing, the rain stopped, the thunder rolled on and they all jumped in.

Rain arriving from the west over Proctorville, OH
London chose her 90 degree weather ensemble herself.

A proud Elliot after the storms passed.

Balloons gone adrift.

The trip to Charleston was mostly uneventful, as I always hope driving will be. We did come across an accident and I silently said a few words of hope for those involved. 

I-64 East bound nearing Hurricane, WV.

 We arrived a minute after Brent did. The state capitol complex was an easy landmark, right off the highway with ample parking. We loaded his gear and bike in with the children and took off for a late late dinner at O'Charlie's. There are plenty of wonderful local restaurants in downtown Charleston, however Brent was anxious to get back on the road, so we stopped  a bit further on.

WV State Capitol.

Oliver, London, Avery. A bike and some gear.

It's embarrassing to say we drove to Target from here.

O'Charlie's was in the same parking lot as Target. I had promised Elliot he could browse for Pokemon, so we ran in for a bit of this and that before driving home sweet home. All six of us back under the same roof again.

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