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A Simple Six: To Tennis

Monday, July 25, 2011

To Tennis

We took the trusty TTA bus to tennis on Tuesday. It was a good adventure for our first time riding. Saturday, I could have taken the bus again but there were a few obstacles that I didn't put forth any efforts to overcome.
  1. I didn't have any bills smaller than a twenty
  2. The bus ran every two hours and I didn't prepare lunches
  3. We didn't get up in enough time to get five people ready including breakfast
Plenty of fuel. Last fill up was July 9 in Charleston, WV.

    Since tennis is three miles away and we still have the van, we drove. Which I guess was a fine compromise for Saturday. Perhaps I am starting to feel guilty for driving? I hope my guilt doesn't turn into one of the things that starts guilting others for their decisions. I hope it remains my own festering ball of mental anguish and then perhaps I can just get over it.

    Elliot and London at Huntington High School's tennis clinic. July 2001.

    The interesting thing about our drive up and back was listening to the children try to recreate their experience on the bus. They were looking for the animals the driver was trying to show them on Tuesday.

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