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A Simple Six: Carpooling to School

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Carpooling to School

Miles Walked: 19 Biked: 37 Bused: 8.4 Drove: 3.6 This week
19 37 8.4 3.6 Since August 14, 2011

We arranged a ride for London and Elliot to go to school this morning. They were able to wake up a bit later and got to school on time for the first time all week. These friends had three children of their own to take up to school, but we were on their way, so it all worked very smoothly. The children welcomed the break from walking and biking, but they were most relieved they were not going to be tardy.

Other Events of the Day
Brent biked an errand to Rite Aid this morning then biked into work. I had arranged to keep a friend's daughter today as well as had an in home appointment for Oliver with Birth to Three, so Brent biked up to the school to walk the children home. My legs were very thankful for the day of rest.
Brent's new rack with his new lunch box.

Arriving at campus.

Going through Marshall University campus.

Children's packs loaded on the rack, then they walked home.

This evening Brent did a larger grocery trip on his own. He took the empty trailer to Kroger on 7th Street and filled it up. His purchases and approximate weights:
  • 4 dozen dinner rolls, 4lbs
  • 1lb of cheese
  • 5-1.5lbs of whole wheat bread, 7.5lbs
  • 3lbs of apples
  • 2-1.5quarts of ice cream, 3.5lbs
  • 1lb of coffee
  • 2-half gallons of almond milk, 8lbs
  • 2-half gallons of soy milk, 8lbs
  • 2 gallons of milk, 16lbs
  • 1 box wheat saltines, 1lb
  • diaper wipes, 4lbs
  • paper diapers
  • 5 lbs of pastas
  • 1-2lt of diet Coke, 4lbs
  • dish washing detergent, 2lbs
  • 5lbs of bananas
  • 2.5lbs of grapes
  • 14lbs of cat litter
85.5lbs Total.

Red Light Runner
As we were recapping the day Brent noted that he had to run a red light on his way to pick up the children. He was at a light for a very long time and it wasn't changing. He presumed it was because the light is tripped by a magnetic sensor and his aluminum bike was not giving it anything to trigger the light. Anyone know how to overcome this? Should he have moved over to the cross walk? What would you do?
A red light that wouldn't change until a car arrived.

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