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A Simple Six: Our Ride Home From School

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Ride Home From School

Miles Walked: 13.2 Biked: 16.3 Bused: 4.2 Drove: 0 This week
13.2 16.3 4.2 0 Since August 14, 2011

To pick up the children from school this afternoon I put Oliver and Avery in the bike trailer and hauled them up all those hills. I took Norway and I rode the road fast, and it felt great.  20 minutes, 2 miles, 1 bike, about 70lbs. Then we gathered London and Elliot and they rode with us home through all those even more hilly side streets. 2.2 miles, 40 minutes, three bikes, same 70lbs.

Far less fighting and whining than yesterday. We walked up the really steep hill on Locust and part of the one on Gallaher, otherwise we went slow and steady and stopped as we needed. London's legs hurt, but not in the same places. She's working very hard and I need to teacher how how to stretch out those muscles better.

Lolly break for everyone.

I certainly preferred the biking because it was quicker, but it was also easier to handle the little boys in the trailer versus the stroller. The bike's brakes were stronger than my arms and legs for stopping on a downhill. My legs are also getting stronger and I am learning to work my low gears to climb.

My other nice would boarding school be? Or school busing? I am aware that we chose to send our children to this school and there is a school, five minutes by foot, around the corner. For reasons I won't get into here at this time, we still made the choice to attend Our Lady of Fatima, and we are exceptionally happy we did. Additionally, come September 2, I am almost certain we will be driving our children to school. Twelve more school days? Really? Oh my, we still have a ways to go.

One last thing, for all you Huntington area folks, Critical Mass is Friday, 6:30PM at the Ritter Park fountain. Please come see us. It's our greatest family fun.

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At August 17, 2011 at 1:44 PM , Blogger Hobson's Choice said...

Wish we could come to Critical Mass. Alas, it's right at bedtime for Paul. So as Chris says, someday, we will get to do it. But not now.


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