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A Simple Six: Measuring Our Miles

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Measuring Our Miles

Writing about where we go and how we get there is good, but Brent and I love to talk about how many miles we have covered each day. We don't have any bike computers or pedometers, but rather rely on our Google maps. I hope to begin each post with a header including the distances covered to date for each bicycle, bus, van/car, and foot method. We weren't sure if we should single out the children from the adults but decided on just a cumulative distance for the day regardless of one or five or all six of us.

Until I can create a gadget/widget for keeping it on the side bar or elsewhere, it will just be typed something like this:

Miles Walked: 4 Biked: 0 Bused: 0 Drove: 0 This week
4 0 0 0 Since August 14, 2011



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