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A Simple Six: Our Egg Route

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Egg Route

An approximation of our egg route.

Another good morning for an errand. Oliver and I went to get four dozen eggs and a pint of raw honey the Four Season Farmer's delivered yesterday downtown. The to route always seems to be the same, then somewhere along the way I remember that crossing 12th Street at the end of Washington to enter the park is not a good idea. There is a tight blind curve on the left and drivers are not expecting a biker to be crossing. There are no fewer than five points of entry for traffic at this intersection. Yet, riding through the park is more pleasant and safer route, if you can cross 12th.

Never fails that we are ready to leave and someone needs a diaper change.

Honey and fresh bread for pick up. These are good farmers to know.

Four dozen eggs loaded into the backpack with the top of the carton toward my back, vertically.

Anyone know what is up with the zebra striped shrub skeleton? There were cut out board zebras there for a while this summer. I am sorry I missed the opportunity to photograph those.

On the way home from the pick up spot we came back 12th Avenue to Huntington Avenue and turned right on Park Street. We road the streets, the traffic was very low and we didn't have any dangerous intersections. I just need to remember to use this path for my to route next time.

We came home to french toast.

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