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Creating a Grocery List Based on Weight

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A Simple Six: Creating a Grocery List Based on Weight

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creating a Grocery List Based on Weight

Ordering toilet paper was an easy enough task. Getting my sister to purchase the case of copy paper wasn't too hard either. As I looked over what was left on my shopping list, it still felt incredibly heavy. I don't know what my towing limit is yet, but I know I was not able to drag Oliver and Avery out of the 10th Street aqua-duct during Critical Mass last month. They weigh in at about 70lbs total. Trailer weight, bike weight, diaper bag and's getting near 100lbs, probably more. Now add groceries like kitty litter, potatoes, milk, flour, and blocks of cheese. Good grief.

Family Fun
Several friends that have asked the question, "Don't you need the van, there are six of you?" have received the reply, "We rarely go any where all together, except the grocery store, and we don't have to go together." It's true. We are one of those annoying large families that have to bring everyone to the store. It's not that we do this every single time we go. Most often, Brent goes with very clear instructions and I am disappointed when he returns, but not so frustrated that it was worth me going instead. Sometimes I go alone or with the little boys, but always come home so frustrated that I send Brent the next time, and the time after that.

Then there are the trips that I enjoy the most, the ones where we all go. I get to pick out exactly what I need, for the price I want to pay and pair it with the right coupons. Brent and the children will sometimes go get things I forgot on the other side of the store and I have good company, which is really what I like.

It should then come as no surprise that we all went to the store on our bikes this morning. Not the best of logic, but a good time none the less. Great exercise of course, good company and an extra strong husband to haul things on his spiffy new 29" bike.

Brent on his spiffy new bike. A GT something or another. 29" wheels. They are huge.

The List
I prepared our list the night before, trying very hard to keep it simple and light. We had to contend with space and with weight. Here's my original grocery wish list. Those things crossed out did not get purchased because of price, space, or weight, and were based on importance to our survival this weekend. The actual amounts purchased are in red.
  • milk 4 half gallon plastic jugs
  • bread 4 1lb 8oz loaves whole wheat
  • beer
  • alternative milk (almond, soy, coconut) 1 half gallon cardboard carton
  • popcorn 1 2lb bag of kernels
  • small oranges
  • bananas 1 bunch of 8
  • apples 1 3lb bag
  • cat litter 1 3.5lb bag
  • onions 3 large yellows
  • sweet potatoes 4lbs
  • mozzarella 1lb 8oz
  • couscous
  • oils about a quart of each olive oil and coconut oil in plastic
  • pastas 2lbs of whole wheat egg noodles
  • Parmesan cheese 8oz wedge
  • turkey pepperoni
  • bar soap for laundry 2 bars
  • hotdogs and buns
  • peas, frozen 2lbs
  • tuna 4 small cans
  • nuts
  • ginger root
  • diapers 1 package of 27 paper diapers
I also threw a couple jars of peanut butter into the cart because they were a good price and we eat a lot of peanut butter.
Total Weight Estimated: 38lbs, does that add up right?

Hauling it Home
We knew everything had to fit just right so I asked the cashier if I could bag my own groceries. I didn't think she would object, but I didn't want to put any union workers out of a job either. I was also concerned about the bread. Last time it came home all smashed. I put the litter, diapers, onions and potatoes in my back pack. Everything else went into the trailer with Avery.

The nearest Kroger is 2.5 miles from home and they don't have a bike rack. Might need to write a letter to the store.

The goods.

Bagged and ready to load.

We loaded up the trailer, unlocked all the bikes and helmets and put everyone in their places to head for home. We had one more stop to make. Our eggs were supposed to be picked up on Tuesday evening but we didn't get out for various reasons. So we stopped by the rendezvous porch and tucked our three dozen eggs and four bundles of basil into the trailer.

Where the sidewalk ends on 1st St going toward PATH.

Coming out under 8th Street riding toward Ritter Park.

Very sleepy Oliver and London with eggs.

The ride back to the house is always more exhausting. Not just because of the added weight, but because we had already covered 2.5 miles and as the world turns, the sun's heat intensifies. Then there is that slight grade change. The last two roads are uphill just enough to make my chest hurt. Two hours, 5miles, 40lbs, and ten degrees later, we were home.

Approaching Hal Greer. Loaded trailer, exhausted London.

The soft and smashables. Weepy basil, we wait too long to pick up.

Cold goods, still cold on the left. More heavy stuff on the right.

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At August 8, 2011 at 8:47 PM , OpenID raineworks said...

You should buy your cat litter on Amazon as well - looks like they have some good deals.


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