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A Rough Start to our Car Free August

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A Simple Six: A Rough Start to our Car Free August

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Rough Start to our Car Free August

The weekend was incredibly busy and I didn't peek at my Monday calendar. I remembered I needed to swap my meals at 9:30am, but beyond that, it was all going to be a surprise. And surprise is what we got. We forgot Brent was helping a new colleague move in this morning, and while he was helping I was watching one of the other helpers little girl. So I needed to be at the park with meals at 9:30 and home from 9-11 to babysit. Hmmm...

To add to the surprises, London woke up with a fever and sore throat, and Brent really needed to go into work today. This is the plan we created (again with the plans). I biked Oliver and the meals in the trailer to the park, while Elliot rode along side. Brent stayed home with the little girl, London and Avery. When I returned, Brent biked to the colleagues home and I stayed here with everyone else. Brent hitched a ride for himself and his bike back to the house and then drove London to the nearest Pediatrician's office.

What Was That?
Yes, I said drove. It's a five minute walk to the office. London was lapping up her ill status. We suspected strep throat, not a broken leg. Brent has a very soft spot for children who are pained and he drove her over, then drove her to the pharmacy, another five minutes from the Dr, got her the drugs and ice cream and drove home.

Live and Let Be
What I have learned. Patience and flexibility.
  • First, I really need to get our Dr's switched and reestablished for just these sort of of occasions. Our regular ped is a 15min drive. 
  • Second, I need to see if there is a pharmacy any closer to home so we don't have walk the sick child further just to get the medications they need. 
  • Third, Brent will be the one to continue to break our declaration of a no-car August. He exclaimed first thing that I should just drive to the park then he took London in the car. It's August 1st. I adopted the attitude of "I will not start the month with a set back," but I guess he's going to be my biggest obstacle. Oh well.

Here it is mid day on the first of the month and we already had more to do than we bargained for. I am thankful for not having a job I must go to and for a husband who is employed in an incredibly flexible field. Perhaps tomorrow will be more smooth?

Comrade Spotted
I was also very excited to spot another iBert seat on another mother's bike on my way back from the park. It was a kindred moment. She was also the only biker I saw wearing a helmet. What is the trend with head gear in this country? I know the laws, but what are people actually doing?

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