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A Simple Six: Biking to an Appointment

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Biking to an Appointment

It has been a week full of van travels. I have been working up at the Huntington Museum of Art in the mornings and using each pass through town as an opportunity to pick up something or drop off other things. The museum sits atop a hill with steep tight turns. You don't drive up it any faster than 35mph, 25 at most places. Biking was not an option this week. Riding the bus was not possible either as there isn't one that goes up the hill.

One of those extra errands was picking up London's Junior Viper bicycle we left at a friend's home a couple weeks ago. Having this bike back meant a couple different options for our older children to ride. London could either ride her cruiser or the Viper and Elliot could choose between his Mini Viper or the Junior. I think eventually London will ride my bike and Elliot will have the Junior.

The Appointment
When I returned from art camp today it was nearing time for London's orthodontist consult. The office is on 8th Street, but not past the aqua ducts. Brent and London rode bikes! I was so glad they choose to ride. Partly because the gas tank was on E and well, this is exactly what we are moving toward.

 They had to lock up on the sign out front, but it made for a cute photo. Carrying their helmets in to the office, the Dr. said he was meaning to get bike racks. I hope he does. Gestures like those would reinforce the sense of small town community Huntington is trying to empower.

Last year we met with three orthodontist. We choose this one to return to because of his more relaxed and less urgent assessment of London's mouth. The others exclaimed she needed braces right away. When we got the card reminding us to call for a follow up and we remembered he was downtown, the choice was reinforced as being the right one for us at this time. Moving our Drs and other errands to more central locations has not been hard, but it has taken some effort. We are all due to see the dentist soon. Which reminds me, I need to call Dr. Woodruff's office tomorrow to set up appointments.

The great news at Dr. Thompson's office?  London can wait yet a year for another consult. She needs to loose a few more baby teeth.

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