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Across Town Play Date and Kroger Scouting

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A Simple Six: Across Town Play Date and Kroger Scouting

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Across Town Play Date and Kroger Scouting

Yesterday we managed to make it across town for a play date. The plan was for me to take the children so Brent could work. I was going to leave them with my friend R for a bit so I could get some groceries, pick them up and head home. R had planned to do some outside activities and serve fresh squeezed lemonade. With mid 90 degree days, it all sounded wonderful.

It Never Goes as Planned
The reality was that Brent wasn't quite ready for us to bike without him. He wasn't sure of the paths we would take and especially the route to the grocery store. I tried to assure him that I biked with the four children just fine while he was away and that I thoroughly investigated the route to Kroger including where I would lock up the bike and trailer. I knew exactly which sidewalks I could get on with the children, where there were ramps at intersections and what type of cross walk signals, if any, where to be used. I had it visualized and mapped out. None of this set aside his concern, so he joined us.

I certainly wasn't going to carry two boys if I could only carry one. We split up the load and took off for R's house, 2.1 miles across town. I guessed it was about a 15 min ride, mostly on the PATH. She did have lemonade for us, and some blocks for the boys to toy around with in the A/C. After we cooled off some I took everyone out back for a little unstructured exploration and Brent went to the store.

The 1st Street aqua-duct heading toward Kroger.

More pole parking.

Brent's trip was a success in terms of getting groceries and not having the bike stolen. He even approved of the route. The only trouble he had was the trailer. We have never ridden our bikes with it empty. He was going faster than he would have been with Avery and diaper bags. The trailer clipped a curb and tipped over, which he claims scared the on lookers more than him. It would have made me jump to see a trailer fall over too. Especially if I thought it had children in it.

Since he purchased cheese, milk and other perishables and it remained a very hot day, we wrapped up our playtime and set off for home. I am still impressed with how well the children tolerate all this bike traveling. They nearly never complain about the exertion or the heat. I have always felt safe with the cars and feel like there are plenty of alternative routes to get some where without a lot of traffic or steep hills.

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