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A Simple Six: The iBert

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The iBert

Our new toddler seat arrived yesterday. After checking out many many options for seats online, we finally choose the iBert. We knew we wanted a front mounted seat that was very simple as we still needed to haul the trailer behind and we knew the seat would be switching bikes often. The reviews looked good, the price was great ($82 on Amazon), the color was spunky, the weight limit was high enough, and it was made in the USA. Choosing a seat without actually seeing one is tough. I was taking a chance based on opinions and descriptions. I guess we all do this more than we think we do.

Brent installed the seat on his bike first. He found he had plenty of knee clearance and Oliver loved the new position. Today we moved the seat to my bike so Brent could haul the trailer. I did not have a lot of knee clearance and felt like I was straddling the seat for most of my ride. I see this as yet another reason to get a better bike and not as an issue with the iBert. I am 5'9". I was not built for a small framed bike.

Oliver seemed very happy in the seat, but he opinion mattered very little today. I know he doesn't look happy in this photo. A neighborhood dog had just come up to him before I put him in, and it scared him.

Initial Assessment
 I did enjoy the weight being in the front of the bike. It took some time to get used to easing into my stops to avoid giving him whip lash. Half way through the ride he was looking very tired. It was about 90 degrees at 7:30pm, I was tired too. The seat is not very high in the back and he wouldn't have been comfortable to nap. I actually think it wouldn't have been safe for him to nap there either.

When I was doing my research I was trying to find a high back front mount seat and couldn't. If you know of one, I may be in the market for a second seat later and might like to see what high backs are out there. For now, this was going to provide us with a good option for having to put two children on one bike or on two.

We picked up our eggs.
Our Test Ride
The purpose for our ride tonight was eggs. I completely forgot to get our eggs from the pick up location downtown when I was out in our van and I forgot to ask Brent to get them when he went out with London for her appointment. Eggs don't keep long in a cooler when it's sweltering, so we used it as an excuse to get everyone out for a little exercise before bed.

Bikes away! Hey, is that an English style garden?

Brick streets. A characteristic I love to look at but do not always enjoy riding on.

Oliver thinks he can steer.

We took our usual route into town. We picked up our eggs and we headed home a slightly different way. We used more roads lined with bricks. They are beautiful, but not the best for biking. I snagged a few pictures, but no one got one of Oliver and I together. Maybe next time.

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