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Grocery Shopping without Weight in Mind

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A Simple Six: Grocery Shopping without Weight in Mind

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grocery Shopping without Weight in Mind

Ritter Park about 8am this morning

London and I went to the store early this morning. We enjoyed riding through Ritter Park and seeing the sun glisten on the trees and smell the fresh mowed grass. I brought an empty trailer to load with our goodies and made a list without any thought to weight or space. I just needed groceries. With out the boys riding along, I felt I could just stuff the trailer full and be off. Here's most of what we bought, with total weight in red. I estimated for those that were not listed on the container:
Our groceries.
  • 3-1.5quarts of ice cream 5lbs
  • 2 gallons of soy milk 16lbs
  • sleeve of bagels 1lb
  • 1.5 lbs of cheddar
  • 7-1.5lb loaves 10.5lbs
  • 2.5lbs grapes
  • 1lb bacon
  • 2 cans of olives 1lb
  • 5oz mushrooms
  • 2-8oz packages of cream cheese 1lb
  • 3lbs clementines
  • 2lbs sweet potatoes
  • .5lbs red onion
  • 4lbs carrots
  • 1lb coffee
  • 1 package tortilla shells 1lb
  • 3lbs bananas
  • 9lbs apples
  • 15lbs flour
  • 3 gallons milk 25.5lbs
  • 14 one subject notebooks 4lbs
  • 1 dozen eggs 1.5lbs
Total grocery weight: approximately 113.5lbs
I felt every pound as I dragged them home 2.5miles.

We were gone for three hours. I really don't feel that biking for our groceries is practical. These goods should last us till early next week, but I had to do the trip with an empty trailer, bag my own groceries, carefully load the trailer in just the right way and still get it home. I took Brent's new bike, which was up to the task, and my bike would not be, or rather I would be in far more pain to haul 100lbs with my bike.
Front of the store parking.

Ready to load the trailer.


When I drive to get groceries, it does take me about two hours, sometimes longer if I dawdle or go to the larger Kroger in Barboursville. I added in a couple other stops this morning to pay for eggs and pick up chard, basil and maple syrup from a friend.  London and I stopped for a bagel and water break mid way back. It was a very pleasant ride and I really enjoyed the time with London. Time is not something I lack, so using more of it to grocery shop is still not an issue. The problem is that I was also using Brent's work time because he had to stay home to be with the boys. Perhaps I need to go back to weekend shopping?
Bagel break at Ritter Park.

I am still thinking grocery shopping will end up on the car list. Pros and cons list? Yeah, why not?

Pros for biking to get groceries
  • Exercise
  • Family time
  • Store front parking
  • No fuel consumption
Cons to biking for our food
  • Weather dependent
  • Uses more time (maybe?)
  • Biking on the sidewalk on the wrong side going to the store down 1st Street could be problematic and illegal, but it was easier/safer than the right side
  • Must have an empty trailer for generous sized trips
  • Bit too exhausted to bring everything up to the kitchen when I get home
I am still not convinced. What would you add?
Oh, and the ice cream was still frozen and the milk still cold when we returned. Insulated totes are good.

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