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A Simple Six: Shoe Shopping

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shoe Shopping

First day of school shoe violations.
We knew the children needed new shoes for school. We knew they had to meet the uniform policy. We hoped they could wear the shoes they wore last year. London's still fit, Elliot's didn't and they were worn clean through. What we didn't plan for was the cost of shoes when you can't get to Payless or find any at WalMart or Target.

Prior to school starting my sister took the children to WalMart and they couldn't find any that met our needs, be it size, color or price. A few days later my friend Ashley called to say they were going to Target and do I need anything? YES, shoes! Again, they came back empty handed. I posted to Google+, in my local circle, asking about downtown shoe possibilities and a friend suggested Payless on Route 60. Brent said Roby Rd was far too dangerous to ride and I didn't feel like taking all day to bus back and forth to get the size right and cause Brent to miss more time at work while playing with the children. Our neighbor looked at Sears the weekend before school started, still nothing. My online shoe shopping experiences of the past have only yielded one success despite a dozen attempts and I was pressed for time and didn't care for the hassle.

School started on Monday. I sent Elliot in his brown summer athletic shoes and London in the shoes she wore last year. I knew Elliot's were not going to meet the dress code, I thought London's might, since they passed last year, but were not following the written policy.

My friend Rachel and I were talking about shoes and she said her husband shopped at Glenn's Sporting Goods downtown. It never occurred to me to buy shoes at the sports shops. Huntington has several athletic store options. Glenn's, Dan's and Robert's are all on 4th Avenue, and I knew Glenn's and Robert's sold shoes, but I didn't know if they sold children's. Brent bikes right by these store on his way home, so I sent him to Glenn's for two pairs. He came home with a pair that fit Elliot and he had to return the ones for London as they were too small.
Elliot's new Nikes

I was happy he found good shoes, I was mortified by the $47 price tag. I try to pay less than $20 for new shoes and prefer to buy our shoes used. I was able to find the shoes London wore last year at Target for $4. Yet, with the increase in biking, walking and leg pain, I do feel that a better shoes is worth that ounce of prevention. My own bout with plantar fasciitis a couple years ago when I started running without proper shoes, still serves as a good reminder.

Yesterday London came home with a reminder from the school that she needs shoes that meet the dress code. I am very happy to see the school enforcing the code. Now we have two days left to fix our shoe problem. I don't see how we are going to get shoes from anywhere other than downtown and for anything less than $20. Brent's on a lunch hour mission today,(as he is working all weekend), to find shoes. Back to Glenn's and to check with Dan's and Robert's. I am on an emailing mission to see which of my friends can spare a pre-sale pass to the Kid's Sale tomorrow. Perhaps Brent can spare me the time to go to this consignment sale, as it has some potential for a cheaper fix?

Poor planning on our part is costing us more money and time. I guess I have been out of touch with the cost of shoes. My grandma tells me that I should expect to pay that much for a good pair. We must not be "good shoe" people. I think we are just more of "good enough" sort of family.

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At August 20, 2011 at 10:24 PM , Blogger asollars said...

Stacey to help with the cost of Glenn's I may have a coupon in the entertainment book. If you are still in need of one, let me know. Thanks Allison

At August 21, 2011 at 8:46 AM , Blogger Stacy said...

We have a Huntington Highlander's discount card. On it, Glenn's has a 20% off clothing voucher. Does the Entertainment book have one for shoes, b/c the clothing didn't include shoes, we asked.


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