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Friday Comparison: September 19

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A Simple Six: Friday Comparison: September 19

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Comparison: September 19

This tally is a total account of our joint family miles. If we bike or walk together, like we do for errands, they only count once, but if Brent's biking to work and I am biking to school, those are separate miles. I was not to sure what to do if London biked home from school but the boys and I walked with her, so I counted them separately because they were different modes. 

Our trip meter last week August 28-September 2:
Miles Walked:6 Biked: 70.4 Bused: 0 Drove: 4 This week

Today, September 4-9:

Miles Walked: 8 Biked: 43 Bused: 0 Drove: 24 This week
51.7 233.8 12.6 446.2 Since August 14, 2011

We certainly drove more this week. Twenty of those miles were Brent taking the children to school in the morning. I am driving for pick ups on Friday so we can bring home play mates. Come to think of it, the round trip miles to school are 4 and there were only 4 days of school this week, so that number should read 20. There's no doubt my tracking system is flawed. Oh well, it's something.

I am still looking for alternate ways to get to school if anyone has suggestions. Please read up on our trials and tribulations of school commuting to get the scoop on issues with biking, busing and walking. Carpooling was working, but Brent really likes seeing his children to the door, especially Avery, as it's his first year.

Special Mentions
It's been an unanticipated thrill to write A Simple Six. I would like to thank everyone for reading and if you came here because I bombard you with links on my Facebook page, sorry, but thank you none-the-less. I really appreciate the car-lite community interviews with Raine and Jenny and the traffic they have so wonderfully reciprocated toward my blog. I did a great big happy dance when Simply Bike featured our Breakfasty Bike Date today on her blog under a new tab just for mamas and papas. I am "meeting" some amazing families out there in the world and beginning some great projects here in Huntington because of them. This adventure in blogging continues to be the change I want to see in my world. Thank you. Without your readership and support, it would not be.

Looking Forward
The next couple of weeks my tracking and logging will probably diminish as I am taking a long trip to a far away land. My husband's ability to care for our children in my absence will be tested, and should I ask him to keep a record of his miles he may develop a twitch. I am preparing to travel sans-technology, but may be fortunate enough to pry the iPad from Brent's hands.

While on my solo adventure in Phoenix, where I am meeting up with hoards of other wedding goers, I hope to do something, transportation wise, to write home about. The evening temperatures in Arizona are expected to be in the 100s, so I may find myself in air-conditioned cars enlarging my dusty carbon footprint.



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