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A Simple Six: An 18 Mile Day

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An 18 Mile Day

In July we were trying to put all our errands into one day. On that single day of the week we would drive the van in a well planned circle. Our experience in the link above was about a twelve mile circle on a Tuesday, our designated car day.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I set about to do all that needed to get done without the van and without sharing the load with Brent so he could stay in work-mode. I accomplished going to the park to play with friends (8miles biking), picking up the children from school (2 miles biking, 2 miles walking), taking a bag of veggies to our CSA partner, biking with London to Girl Scouts, and getting groceries (6 miles biking for all three stops). That's how I had an 18 mile day.
Walking home from school. Loaded trailer and racks. A rare picture of me, taken by London.

We came home by way of Spring Drive, a new road for us, and we found this gorgeous home and garden. I wanted to jump the fence, lay in the grass and watch the clouds.

Kroger bike parking accommodations.

All of this was possible because of our really great network of friends. One friend took the three children to school, as she had two going to school and we are on her way there. Another friend picked up our CSA from the church and brought them to our house, as she was going to pick up her's and our house was on her way home too. Proximity and planning were the other factors to my success. Our CSA partner was on the way to Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts was on the way to the grocery.  The scout meeting was scheduled to be 90 minutes and London's old enough to drop her off. The continued great weather doesn't hinder things either.

St. Paul Lutheran church on 12th Avenue hosts the Girl Scout meetings. I like laying the bike in grass versus leaning it against a pole to scratch up the frame.
The scouts baked cupcakes then had an eat off. London very easily finished hers first.

With planning in mind, there were a great deal of things that had to be coordinated to meet our basic needs yesterday. With all those things I did, we still had to work in Oliver's nap, prepare and eat our four meals,  homework, chores, and all the rest. We put off things like baths and dishes for today. Napping took place twice in the bike trailer and once in his bed after the park. I made a loaf of banana bread on Monday night for breakfast, Oliver and I packed a lunch for the park, the children packed extra items in their lunches for after school snacks and thanks to our amazing meal co-op, dinner was done in 15 minutes by merely warming it up and dolling it out. My children have a daily routine that we have been using since London started first grade. That was the year I had two children in school for the first time and I needed some more structure to my day. Homework and chores are a part of the routine.

We don't have days like this often, by choice, but when we do, I am thankful that I have options for transportation and a model for a system of organization that can get us through it. Having a husband that puts in the time Brent does with his work and with his family is unforgettable and most appreciative.

Regardless of how you get there, what makes your day doable? What's your system for "getting it all done?"

Miles Walked: 7.2 Biked: 29.8 Bused: 0 Drove: 0 This week
31 85.8 10.5 3.6 Since August 14, 2011

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