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A Simple Six: I Like to Bike

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Like to Bike

London captured a moment this afternoon, when we were switching riders for the end of a tough hill.
Each day I have to make a choice about how I will pick up the three older children from school. The school pick up is the bulk of my travel for the week. I consider factors such as weather, what time Oliver started his nap, what mood and energy level the three children will have coming back, and my own desires. Thus far weather has been a minor issue. We have had rain twice, maybe? Oliver has been pretty consistent with his nap time, thankfully. The routine we established for minimizing fussy grumbling after school has been effective, for a week. Getting a ride to school has helped reduce exhaustion for getting home. So if we have a day where all these things are favorable, it comes down to "what do I want to do?" Walk with single or double stroller, or back pack carriers? Drive? Bike up, walk back? Bike up, bike back?Ask someone else to bring them home? Walk up, bus back? Of them all, I prefer to bike.

It didn't occur to me that I enjoyed biking so much until today. I thought the euphoria of riding would wear off like a young relationship, but I have been spinning those wheels five months and still feel a tug to keep going. I anguished over the bike purchase and I am dreaming about riding. It is still hard work. Very gratifying hard work. I also realized today, on my way to school, that I appreciate the hills, as most of them are in the upward direction on the way there, while my load is light, and more downwardly on the way home when I am hauling three children and heavy packs. My grumble is only over the safety of the ride on Norway, otherwise, there is so much I enjoy.
London hauled Elliot and Oliver up this hill today. Impressive for my 9 year old.

For the first couple of weeks the smells and sounds were overwhelmingly noticeable. Now I finding them to fade away as I really observe the world around me. I can probably describe the road conditions better than the streets department. I feel we are finding our grove and making new habits. Preparing to leave the house is becoming more effortless and just a part of the 1o'clock hour. The children are getting stronger. London is now able to bike uphill with Elliot, Oliver and packs in the trailer. I am getting stronger. Even on my lousy bike, I have been able to make it to school, only stopping once because my legs are burning and my lungs are struggling. I catch my breath quicker, I cool down faster. These are all great things.

Miles Walked: 2 Biked: 21 Bused: 0 Drove: 9 This week
53.7 259.8 12.6 446.2 Since August 14, 2011

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