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Friday Comparison: September 23

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A Simple Six: Friday Comparison: September 23

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Comparison: September 23

Our trip meter August 21-26:

Miles Walked: 12.5 Biked: 50.9 Bused: 2.1 Drove: 0 This week-August21-26

 August 28-September 2:

Miles Walked: 6 Biked: 70.4 Bused: 0 Drove: 4 This week-August 28-Sept 2
43.7 183.3 12.6 403.9 Since August 14, 2011
September 4-9:

Miles Walked: 8 Biked: 43 Bused: 0 Drove: 24 This week-Sept4-9
51.7 233.8 12.6 446.2 Since August 14, 2011

The trip meter today, September 18-23, with a lot of data missing from my absence in Phoenix this past week. I did my best to guess at what miles were driven by Brent and when they biked, etc.

It appears that we have managed to drive about 100 miles in two weeks (between September 9-23) and ride 130 miles on our bikes. Our walking has decreased substantially as we have found biking is more efficient and enjoyable. We have pretty much abandoned the bus. It hasn't been cost effective, or timely, to bus a family of six when there is a car in the drive way, when we need to go places we can't get to by bike. 400 of those car miles are from the trip to Columbus. 40 of them are from the two trips to the airport. The rest are to and from school. I don't think this is too terrible, do you?

These comps do not include Saturday on the This Week line, but it's in the cumulative. I set up this post during nap time on Friday and don't know when I will have time on the weekend.

To complicate things I have been word-smithing "bike" as a verb. When I write about riding, I don't typically use  bike, biking, biked, but it made the most sense here to save on space and explanation. These are the crazy things I contemplate and waste my time with.

Miles Walked: 0 Biked: 51 Bused: 2 Drove: 52 This week-Sept 18-23
53.7 362.8 14.6 547.2 Since August 14, 2011



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