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A Simple Six: Country Girl Goes to the City

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Country Girl Goes to the City

When I was in Columbus a few weeks ago I felt the same way. There were credit card readers on parking meters. Buses, cars, pedi-cabs, and bikes all shared a single lane. I had a fear of jaywalking. It was as though I had never seen a building over three stories. I was enamored by the beauty of the city and overwhelmed by it's complexity. I felt very country.

As I spent the better part of yesterday evening traveling by airplane, I am reminded that I left my jet setting days long ago. I was gawking at the trams, USB charging ports in waiting areas, Caribou coffee stations, and six lane escalators. When did I go country? Or is it just town verses big city? It has been 9 years since we moved away from Columbus and two since I was in an airport. These are indicators of my age and parent status. Gone are the frequent flyer miles and excitement over departures. These have been replaced by two days of anxiety, self conscience treatment to airport clothing (I wore a yellow sweater instead of the black that appeared to be airport code), and astute attention to the safety information leftlet in my front seat pocket. I was shocked to learn that there is wi-fi on most flight, for a fee, and the attendants no longer accept cash for food and beverage purchases. Everyone had a mobile device in one hand and a bag with wheels in the other. Fast moving, well connected. I felt lonely.

My Kelty backpack and I made it in to Phoenix after 9pm mountain standard time. My sister's two friends picked me up in a zippy Honda Fit and drove us home. Hours of catching up, a few hours of sleep and I woke up ready to tackle the pre wedding agenda.

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At September 15, 2011 at 11:52 AM , Anonymous Brent Patterson said...

If a patronus shows up at the wedding, run.


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