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A Simple Six: Night Biking

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Night Biking

Rear light attached to London's new helmet. She's riding my bike. Brent went with her to scouts and took all these night pictures.

Tuesdays are just busy days around here. There's the school and work thing, then there is the CSA and egg pick up and some times, like tonight, there's Girl Scouts. Going over for Girl Scouts puts us closer to Kroger, making it also a grocery night. Since autumn is approaching the sun is setting earlier. Evening activities and late nights at work require bike lights!

This was something I actually prepared for, unlike our shortage of rain gear that I have yet to fix. The children's helmets are equipped with small visibility lights. They are not bright enough for them to see where they are going, but enough to let everyone know they are there. London and Elliot's bikes have rear red lights next to their reflectors. Brent has a proper head light and tail light. As of tonight, my bike has a head light and we attached the tail light to the trailer.

In addition to these night time biking safety features, Elliot and London's bikes are also sporting bells with inaccurate compasses attached. I think we paid about a buck fifty for each bell, we didn't expect much more than noise makers. They love them. My ears do not, especially indoors, but they are highly effective for children who claim to be too shy to shout, "on your left!" to pedestrians.

We are pretty giddy about being in better compliance with the WV state law. Good stuff.

Showing off the new helmet, a Raskullz we ordered from

 Tomorrow it will be one month since I began tracking our miles, however unscientifically. We are over 300 miles we have covered without a gas powered engine! I thought that was pretty impressive for our little family. That's a tank of gas.

Miles Walked: 2 Biked: 44 Bused: 0 Drove: 13 This week
53.7 282.8 12.6 450.2 Since August 14, 2011

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