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A Simple Six: Light Rail

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Light Rail

While away I have been using an application called BlogPress from my husband's iPad to do these simple posts. It worked fine, but I haven't enjoyed some of limitations in editing photos and typing on the screen. I can deal with it, but will be happy to return to a quicker and more versatile set of tools. If any bloggers out there have another app suggestion, I am listening.

In the mean time, here are a few of the group photos from our light rail excursion last night. To view the photos with a better resolution, click on the thumbnail, which BlogPress insists I use, although I select to enlarge them, therefore creating more distortion.

Light rail station. L to R, Shannon, Jonathan, Sara, Micheal, Krysta

We loaded up the Honda Fit and drove to the west end light rail station. Ample parking, many people, a lot of waiting stations for buses and the tram/train?.

Road in to city center and wondered around looking for music, desserts and air-conditioning, although I haven't broken into a full sweat once on this trip. I theorize it is evaporating before I can complain. Sara hadn't been feeling well and needed to cool down, so found a place and stayed put.

I was a bit enamored by the number of bikes being loaded and unloaded on the rail cars. We saw three in our car just going in to the city at 10pm.

The energy of the city is empowering and humbling. We were just another group or gaggle of folks stomping through the concrete, glass and steel masses. While I certainly craned my neck back to view these towering structures, I captured our group most often, as we were loosing another clansman at the airport today.

Night photos with moving bodies are hard to work with. I just call those blurry faces "ghostlies" and move on.

We have plans to relax by the pool with day time highs predicted to be 104 degrees. My husband is reporting mid 60s in West Virginia. Going home to "September" will be refreshing on Tuesday.

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